4 Major tips to speed up MS Outlook according to experts at Microsoft outlook support number

MS Outlook is one of the most sought-after emails services being preferred on a professional front because of its efficient service and innovative features which help to carry out many tasks in the offices. But with longer use, a point comes when the users feel the degradation in the speed of MS Outlook which happens because of activities you perform on a daily basis. While performing the activities many unwanted things happen with Outlook as per the experts at Outlook Technical Support Helpline Number.


Following are the tips to improve the speed of MS Outlook

Disable unwanted add-ins in Outlook

Start with clicking on Tools followed by Trust center and Add-ins. Here you have to check add-ins that you don't use anymore and disable all such add-ins quickly. This will surely help to speed up your Outlook.

Compact PST files

By using Outlook's compact features, you can compact the PST files and folders. Click on the top folder name and then click right to select properties. Now it comes to select the advanced option and then click on Compact Now.

Delete attachments

Go through all attachments select the attachments that you no longer wish to keep. Click right on the attachment and Select remove. Just in a span of a few seconds, the all unwanted attachments will be deleted forever from your email account. The email attachments consume a massive space of your MS Outlook's storage space which ultimately slows down the Outlook. Therefore, it is important to delete all unnecessary attachments.

Run MS Outlook in safe mode

Running MS Outlook means you stop add-ins from loading. Besides, it stops other files as well from loading which directly help to speed up your Outlook. This is indeed one of the biggest methods to speed up the Outlook. So if you want your Outlook to speed up, then hurry up and run in safe mode.

Dial Outlook Customer Support Service Number

The last but not the least if you don't get success to speed up your Outlook by above methods, you have an option to dial our toll-free number, where IT Support team having vast knowledge and experience regarding Outlook is present. This team will give quick tips to speed up your Outlook in a few minutes. Hence, don't worry if your Outlook gets slowed down just try above methods or seek professional help at Microsoft Outlook Support Phone Number.

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